biscuit street preacher


I could best describe myself as a Neo-Expressionist painter. I depict my subjects in a raw, childlike and brutish
manner. As you observe the paintings further, sophisticated and complicated undertones, stories and philosophies
are revealed. My large-scale works are highly textural with expressive brushwork and intense colors that
quickly becomes the centerpiece of any room or conversation.

Philosophically I seek to portray the isolation of mankind and our continual movement into a sterile and effortless

society. I only hope my paintings will remain a constant reminder that we are imperfect, human, bent and crooked.
Which in my opinion is beautiful.

I am firmly aware that my paintings are merely the next step in anothers journey. Every generation wastes so much

precious time trying to re-invent the wheel. Billions of minds have come and gone through this world, all of us want
to think we are an original, with brand new thoughts, one of a kind ideas, but the truth is we are not. We are
constantly influenced by the people who cross our paths, how can we not be impacted by one another?
Even by the slightest interaction? I am at peace with this idea. In the meantime I will continue to paint, it is my
sanity and sanctuary. I will continue to soak in and enjoy the influence of other creatve people I have the honor of
meeting, just as I hope to do the same for others in search of thier calling.

- Biscuit Street Preacher

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